We have had nothing but rain lately but today we had a break in the clouds long enough to get out there and enjoy the blooms before it’s too late. 

 Cold weather will be here too soon.

Everything seemed fresh and new despite the fact that it’s now October. 

The bees were working hard and a hummingbird even whizzed by while I was holding a bouquet I had just cut.

  I think he thought about zooming in on the flowers I was holding but then after hovering for a second or two, changed his mind and flew off to land in a nearby tree.

 Gave me a thrill that’s for sure ~even if it was just  a fleeting sight and a whizzing sound before he was gone.  I am going to miss my garden this winter.  Moments like that are what fuel the fire for next spring and all the maybe’s for the garden that will be,

at least in my mind.

 ~”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert












  1. Teresa, Lovely pics of those colorful flowers–we are all going to have to “snap away” because those lovely flowers are fading fast. Nice post. Mickie :)

  2. Wish the sun stays a little bit longer. These flowers are beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous flower shots as always Teresa.

  4. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. Gorgeous shots of your flowers. Yes summer is fading now and soon the flowers will be gone. I too will miss them. It’s a good thing we can look at our pictures to help remind us of what is to come.

  6. Thank you Kim, I wish it would last a bit longer into the fall too!

  7. Thanks kala! So many wonderful blooms right now to spite the season and our rainy weather. wish they would stick around much longer

  8. Thanks so much Ida

  9. Thanks Micki, I am indeed taking as many as I can before it’s too late