rain-barrel1 Two years ago, my husband and I put in a rain barrel.  We built it ourselves from a plastic milk barrel.  I painted it the color of my house and it is barely visible.  It was easy to do  and I loved having water on the other side of my house.  Huge pine trees that hover over my front yard make it impossible for rain to really soak into my shrubs and flowers planted below.  Now a soaker hose running from my rain-barrel keeps them watered well.  It doesn’t take much rain at all to fill it up when you consider it’s from the roof of the house.  That’s all the less water I have to supply and pay for.rain-barrel-hidden

  This year we have added another rain barrel to our yard.  This one is in the back yard catching rain from our garage roof.  It is the Good Ideas Rain barrel that is now available at Garden Shoes Online.  When we started selling them, I couldn’t resist getting one.  They come in a great selection of colors and I also got the base that lifts it up so you can put a watering can or bucket underneath it easily.   I am very excited to be able to collect more water for my garden this year. It is one of the simplest things one can do to conserve water.

 If I had my way there would be one at every down spout…who knows maybe next year.

kermit-the-frogIt is easy being GREEN!


  1. I love it, what a wonderful idea. I want a few now…:-)

  2. I love the idea of a rainbarrel at every downspout! So glad Garden Shoes Online is now carrying them! I am thinking of getting a connecter to add another one to the current rainbarrel. That way you can have 2 rainbarrels at every downspout;-) The plants really do like it better than tap/hose water…so it’s well worth it! Thanks for joining in my project, Teresa. Happy Earth Day! Jan