This is the hall tree that stood in the foyer of the house my husband grew up in.  It was his mom’s and it was her mom’s before that. 

 When we started dating it was an “antiqued” finish that was green with varnish over it that made it look old.  Then his mom painted it bright blue.  You can see the colors when you open up the seat. 

I always admired it so after we bought our first house she gave it to me.  It looked quite different than it does now.  It was early american looking with wide molding at the top and some angular  coat hooks that were in my opinion, rather unattractive.  I don’t have photos of the before unfortunately. 

Removing the molding at the top and replacing the coat hooks made such a huge difference.  Now it has a more arts and crafts look to it.  Much simpler.  Much more to my taste. 

I love that it has been in three generations already and I have already promised it to my youngest son when he gets his first house. 

 Hopefully he won’t refinish it by adding molding at the top and painting it blue.  But you never know..

“Trees are your best antiques”~ Alexander Smith

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  1. That is beautiful. I had my grandparents hall tree for years and got so tired of looking at it after about 60 years my brother took it. There is only two of us and I am the only one with children so they will, hopefully, be around for a long time. I made all of my children promise to never sell any of those antiques. They will probably hate me for that.LOL

  2. I love the mirror in that. It’s a very pretty piece right now. Hard to imagine anyone thought it was pretty in blue. Or green for that matter.

  3. what a GORGEOUS piece and i’m ssoo pleased your restored it back to it’s original beauty…i couldn’t part with it!

  4. I definitely like the stained wood better than blue.

  5. Love to hear about family pieces. Think of all the people who sat on that bench! Love oak, mission style furniture…looks great!

  6. Oh, what a beautiful piece! I love painted furniture, but a piece like this should never be painted! It is beautiful. Happy VTT!

  7. What a beautiful piece to have in your home. You did a beautiful job restoring it. Glad you left the inside the green it just shows how much someone can bring things back to life.

  8. That is a great piece, so much character!

  9. Absolutely wonderful piece and I love your do-overs. Something very comforting about pieces that have a history with us :)


  10. Wow great hall tree! What a special treasure from your hubby’s family.

  11. Wow! What a beautiful treasure! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love your hall coat rack. I have two of them. One I purchased from my Grandmother as a part of an auction and one we salvaged from my husband’s fathers place when he passed away. I have seen them painted but that would be a big no no here. My husband does not like wood painted.