~”Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?”  ~Maurice Maeterlinck                                        


Women’s Charlot  from Garden Shoes Onlineclick on image for more info



  1. I love red! I am in love with that first one!!

  2. The flowers are simply stunning!

  3. A really happy flower for the letter H and what a glorious colour :)

  4. I love Hollyhocks! That colour is beautiful.

  5. a real upstate ny reference!

  6. I think I have this kind of hollyhock, it’s very pretty!

  7. Very lovely! I posted Spring flowers for my WW as well! Can’t wait for Spring!!
    Happy WW! :)

  8. An amazing color! I remember them from childhood but were pale pink. I love these.

  9. My most favorite of summer flowers and in such a stunning shade. Thank you for giving me hope that summer will, indeed, come again.

  10. I planted hollyhocks last year and they grew but never flowered. I hope they will come up again this year and give the butterflies some spectacular blooms. This one is lovely.

  11. They are biennial plants srp. they should flower this year for you~hopefully.

  12. Gorgeous color for hollyhocks!