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The awakening  of this pink peony blosssom being anticipated by one of it’s biggest fans (aside from me, that is).



  1. happy Pink Saturday! That peony is so beautiful. My mother has one and every year when it blooms, I swear I’m going to get me one, but then I forget! I’ve got to put that on my to-do list if I can remember where I put it!:)

  2. a very special picture

  3. There was an old Popeye cartoon where Olive Oyl pranced on tippytoe singing, “Wake up, little rosebud, wake uuuuup.” Change the rosebud to peony, and the ant could be singing the same tune. I love a picture that tells a story. Good luck with the contest.

  4. Nice shot. I can see the expectancy in that for the juices to really start flowing…

  5. Very nice shot. Love the colors and the ant.