In all my years gardening I have cursed many a dog that has dug deep into my flower beds, torn down my climatis or eaten my tulip bulbs. I have also pleaded with teenagers not to stomp on my fledgling plants that are emerging when they retrieve their basketball, and then got angry with them for doing it anyway.  Gardens don’t usually fare too well when there are kids and dogs around. 

Even though I have spent the last five years building the gardens around my yard, I know that our new puppy will most likely undo a lot of my work.

Knox, our german shepherd puppy


I have been spoiled with an old dog while I have expanded my beds.  He isn’t at all interested in digging or crushing anything in my yard.  He simply goes out to his dog run and then back inside.

Occasionally he lays in the grass and watches as I toil in the dirt, but mostly he is uninterested in my yard.  Offer him a walk and he’s ready to go, but to hang out and enjoy the scenery doesn’t thrill him at all.  He’d much rather a comfy bed indoors.  I guess being fourteen and a half allows him this preference but it has made me oblivious to dogs and the garden destruction they can often cause.

This new puppy my son brought home just before Christmas has changed everything.  He cant wait to get out there and bite the branches off of my lilac bushes and chew the sedum stalks. I am quite sure there will be plenty of holes to fill in and uprooted plants to replant but I am not complaining, well, not’s still winter. ..

                   …and they are still very cute!

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive.  ~Gilda Radner !

my friend's dog making off with our lilac cuttings



Camera Critters


  1. Very cute puppy. The price to pay is so worth it. I wouldn’t trade our pup for the world.

  2. Me either Spencer. but I am sure i will be swearing a lot when he digs things up. but with love;)

  3. LOVED this post!! Fabulous pictures! Nice to know there’s another dedicated gardener out there willing to compromise between the best plants and the best companions to enjoy them with. :)

  4. Thanks Cass, Glad you stopped by.