web-vintage-037I found some great old photos in the attic today.  I have a trunk that belonged to my husband’s grandfather.  He had an envelope filled with old photos and other papers. As you can see in the second photo, they were dated June 17, 1917 and written on them also was “in our backyard”.  web-vintage-033

Among the pictures were some which really gave me a chuckle.  I am not quite sure what it is they are doing here but it is somehow garden related.  Each person has a different gardening tool.  There’s a hoe, a rake, a watering can, a milk bottle that they are dumping, and they also have a bug sprayer. They have on aprons or smocks, even the men.  The first photo has a random broom hanging over them.  Hopefully it was just silliness.  Have any ideas?

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.  ~Thomas Fuller

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  1. I think they may be planting something and watering it with water from the milk bottle and watering can. Not sure what the broom is about though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photos! I think that really looks like a lot of work from the photos! Have a great VTT!

  3. What great photos. It looks like they are certainly having a great time!

  4. What great photo’s……I love vintage pictures. They sure all look busy in the garden. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Looks like they all wanted in on the action! Great pictures!

  6. very funny and very cute! You could get a lot planted if everyone does one job like this! Are these people your husband can identify? Love the outfits. Maybe you can sell them on your website. :)

  7. Love these old newspaper photos…and ooo,how I love the Lilacs below.
    Happy VTT…

  8. Nice photos, but I looked at some of your other posts and I love your photography! Beautiful flowers!

  9. I think they are having a good time!!!! Just for fun! :)

  10. Those are interesting photos. Maybe they are getting ready to plant another bush like the one behind the man.

  11. These are such great pictures! It’s so funny how they’re all converged on that little hole, with almost every garden tool you can think of!
    Happy VTT!

  12. These are really funny and I’m definitely wondering about the smocks they’ve got on! The first thing that came to mind was that maybe they were doing some sort of silly prank or project…maybe burying a time capsule! :)

    Have a great day!


  13. Do you think they maybe found a wasp they wanted to get rid of–looks like a bug sprayer. I think the fellow with the broom maybe trying to hit the wasp if the sprayer didnt work. The second photo I think they were just posing. So cute…….

  14. Looks like they were just being silly. They had such different ways of entertaining themselves way back then! Things were simpler.

  15. What fun photos!


  16. Whatever they are doing, they seem to be enjoying themselves! What great photographs! I am the family photographer and I believe that photos tell a much better story than words. Thus the saying,”A picture is worth a thousand words”. I’m glad I thought of that. :)

  17. Perhaps it was an annual ground breaking ritual to bless the garden patch. They are lovely photos, sure wish we knew what the broom was for.

  18. Really fun photos…whatever they were doing-looks like they were having a good time!

  19. They look like they are all having lots of fun. What great vintage photos! It’s so much fun to connect with the past this way. Happy VTT!!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. I truly enjoyed your vintage photos today. I am not sure what they might be doing. Back in that time frame, it could be most anything.

  21. What a fun surprise to find these! Old photos are always such fun …