This is a follow up from a previous post.

On Sunday it was very nice outside.  It  may have been the nicest day of the summer so far.  It was clear and sunny with no humidity and only about 75 degrees or so.  My kind of weather!   I was able to level the stones( I use the word level loosely).  I planted the flowers I had bought for the edges, then I robbed many plants from around my yard to add to the new flower beds that surround the stones.  I wanted it to look like it had always been there.  I planted some grass seed and Viola! A new stone patio. 





Below are a few pictures that let you know why I am so happy with the end product.  ww

This is when we were first putting in our fence just after buying the house two years ago. (The red chairs are roughly in the same place as in the finished picture.) The junk there is what was removed from the back of the yard.


This is how it looked early this spring.  




This is the finally.  Yay! 



Laying out grounds may be considered a liberal art, in some sort like poetry and painting.

 ~William Wordsworth


  1. WoW! That looks super! You did a great job! Love the doggie pose – how cute is that. Is he smiling? LOL

  2. It all came together so well and you have done a wonderful job! I would love it too! It does look like it’s always been there…even though you grabbed and ‘stole’ (!) plants from other areas of your yard;-) Now you can relax and enjoy it! Our weather has been very nice lately, as well. What a treat for us all!

  3. Your new stone patio looks very cool..I thought you did a wonderful job..Tes

  4. WOW! what a transformation! i love, love, it! when that tree besides it will grow bigger, it would be a nice shade tree. great job, Teresa!

  5. Wow! I typed it, looked at other comments and started laughing – how many Wows! You relly appreciate what was done after looking at Before picture! Very nice patio, and the red chairs are so at home there! Can you pet your doggie for me please?