Working at Garden Shoes Online gives me the opportunity to try out different products and let you know what I think so you can know the ins and outs before you buy.   Women's GardenGrips clogs

These Garden Grip clogs are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I have worn them so much this winter because they are rugged and good in the messy weather.  My feet stay dry and warm and they are easy to slip on and off for errands or working in the yard.   Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They aren’t stiff, and really fit my high arches.  There’s a flex panel on the top that makes bending your foot comfy~that isn’t something I find very often~especially in clogs. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 . Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 It’s nice to have on shoes that are ready for action.  Often, though I don’t intend to get working in the garden, something catches my eye and before I know it I am digging or raking or whatever.These soles have great traction in the grass, even on steep slopes like my front yard.   Garden Grips

They are great for gardening chores because they have  a composite shank, so you don’t hurt your foot when you shovel.  They also have water and stain resistant leather as well as an inside liner that keeps your feet comfortably dry. Women's GardenGrips clogs


  Of course, if there’s more than an inch or two of  sloppy weather I wouldn’t wear them, I would switch to a boot, but in the case of needing traction when it’s  a bit slushy or muddy, these are so easy to slip on and go. I used them in the garden last fall and again, as long as you aren’t in deep dirt or mud, these really do the job.


  1. They look like good garden shoes!

  2. If they can accommodate my bunions, then I’m sold. Being able to slip then on and off easily is also important.


  3. Now, these look like some serious garden shoes. Thanks for the heads up on them.

  4. They sound perfect for any use, but especially outdoor use. I have a hard time with shoes due to having hurt my foot. I nearly have to buy the box. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. They do look good! I have a pair of ordinary plastic garden clogs, some flimsy rubber pull-ons for over trainers AND an old pair of suede clogs which I keep in the conservatory to use for quick trips outside. They are the most useful things!

    Being made safe for spade use is a plus, though.

  6. Those remind me of my muck boots… I love a clog I can slip on fast and be able to run out the door. It would be good to see what the inside looks like too. ;>)

  7. I will add in a photo of the inside the next time I post about them. That’s a great idea!

  8. Cool shoes! I like that you say they work with your high arch, I think they’d work for me too.

  9. Lisa,
    They are great with my high arches and that is often a problem with shoes I want to get, they just don’t offer support. You should take a look at them at or click on any picture in my posts.

  10. Hi, Teresa! I’m here for VTT, but keep getting error messages when I try to leave a comment on that post.
    I was a little scared when I opened your post; that is one tough looking tool!

  11. Jean St. Louis

    I’m not sure they have enough traction for me. How are they on wet hills that can be muddy at times? I’ve been flopping around outside (3 times in the last year which is not good since I’m 70 years old but an avid gardener.

  12. Jean, I have a pair of garden grip clogs and find them to be great on the slope of grass(sometimes muddy) in my front yard. Unfortunately we have limited sizes left in them. another good clog with a rugged sole is the Ladybug clogs. They come in 3 different patterns.
    Also the lacrosse boot sole is rugged . These come in many patterns and solids.