Here at Gearcor we have a great group of folks and we are all interested in putting in a garden that all of us can reap the benefits of.  Click here to see the beginning post about our company garden.

It is coming along nicely. Our little seedlings are growing like weeds.  

I think the plastic that Pete put around them with a bit of heat blowing in has really made them grow well. 

Our very own Michael has taken it upon himself to see that they are watered and well taken care of. 








We have discovered a  gardener’s soul in Mike

 All this planting has inspired him to learn more about it and be sure these little guys flourish. 

 I love it when someone who is young gets the gardening bug. 


Between Mike and Pete the plants are well taken care of. 


Hopefully our weather will become more dependable soon so we can get these sprouts growing outside.

 All of us are impatiently waiting to get our hands dirty!

Check back to see our progress!



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  1. Company garden is cool. Looks like some of them are getting a little leggy. Probably to cold to transplant.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how the mind just grabs onto an idea and runs!? A beautiful thing to see. I especially love to watch it in my three lovely granddaughters. You can almost see the wheels turning. Can’t wait to see all of your lovely sprouts.

  3. Love seeing all your seedlings. Makes me want to get out and get some stuff planted. Thanks for the inspiration.