It’s mid July, time to see what’s going on in our gardens for Garden Blogger’s Bloomsday.  It’s also Fertilizer Friday!

I have a lot blooming,


so it makes it hard to believe my yard and gardens are showing the stress of very little rain

and extremely high temperatures.

   My grass is brown in spots

and some of my plants have given in to the heat and lack of water.

But most are doing great!


So those are what I am sharing today,

 the resilient plants that continue to flourish despite the conditions.


So I have a few empty spots that would normally be lush and full,

but that’s okay because everywhere else is alive with color. 

Somehow that makes it seem a little bit cooler outside.

Happy July!~”Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”  ~Russel Baker 


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  1. Your garden still looks wonderful Teresa! It’s so vibrant and alive. Great job with the upkeep.

  2. I think you garden still looks awesome, sadly three days of extreme heat took their toll on my heathers and my hydrangea (just before it broke into bloom :( I hear ya! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your comment!

  3. So many gorgeous shots. You truly have a splendid garden.

  4. Your gardens and flowers are beautiful. We finally have had some rain. Our grass we mostly brown too.

  5. Happier Than A Pig in Mud

    Your flowers are pretty, love the quote!

  6. Our grass is brown, too, and many plants bloomed early and finished early. But there is still so much beauty in your garden. I love your planter with the black-eyed Susan vine. Pam x

  7. Pam, that is the planter that I recieved when I was first place in the photo contest for Gardening Gone Wild last June. It’s a really nice planter, very big, and those plants are doing well in it. The black eyed susan vine loves where I have it ~lots of sun.

  8. Beautiful blooms Teresa. Your garden is lovely.

    We’ve been lucky in the Chicago area in the rain department this year, and very little supplemental watering has been needed. Not so lucky in the heat department though – what a sweltering summer it’s been!

  9. Hi Teresa – your yard looks great, a lot of beautiful blooms. I love the area with the red chairs – you must really enjoy relaxing there. We have crunchy brown grass also.

  10. I love those bright red chairs in the garden. Just makes the landscape pop!

  11. Your garden is looking great despite the heat.

  12. Hello Teresa, Thanks for stopping by.I know what you mean with the heat and lack of rain this past week was miserable :( But with all the rain the past 2 days everything that was stressed is bouncing back :) Your Garden looks Lovely as Always :)
    Sorry you missed My Night Garden ~
    Enjoy your weekend~

  13. It looks pretty great to me and I still love those red chairs! Thanks for visiting my blog. The orienpets stood up to high winds and three inches of rain last night, and most of them aren’t staked! I was a bit concerned! Larry

  14. What a pretty paved patio! Your lace cap hydrangea with the varigated leaves is so pretty! I enjoyed your post, cheers, Jenni

  15. oh wow…your garden is doing great against the odds! Your blooms are just so pretty!
    I have a question…how do you get it so that no one can copy your photos? I accidentally right clicked your blog and a little hazzard sign came up….I WANT THAT! (I was not trying to copy you I swear! lol)
    thanks for linking in again this week….I am always in awe of your pretty spaces

  16. Your garden is so full of lovely blooms despite the conditions … still so much great colour.

  17. You have a lot of great color in your gardens. I love the pop of red on your lawn chairs. What a focal point.

  18. Our grass is browning up too, my MM says it’s just going dormant. You flowers look magnificent!!

  19. That daylily in the second picture is so beautiful. There are very few daylilies that i like, but that one is more than OK by me!

    Your gardens are very beautiful. I especially like the shot of your front porch. Very colorful. I want windows like you have.

  20. So many beautiful flowers I can hardly choose my favorite…all so lovely and I like what you said about the flower colors making it SEEM cooler outside! Thanks for stopping by and saying “hey!”


  21. Your garden is so lovely and I adore your red chairs!

    Happy VTT,

  22. Teresa, Your hydrangeas are stunning! Love the bed by the front of your home, and your individual flower photos are beautifully done. You do have a lot of beauty in your garden!

  23. You have much beauty! I think the first pink one steals the show! I love those!