My husband brought me home a surprise a couple of weeks ago. 

 He found this wonderful cupboard on the curb.  Someone had thrown it away.  In better shape than these pictures show in the before pics. 

The paint was still in tact, I scraped it to see the wood.  The glass was unbroken, even the shelf paper was in good condition. 

 But with a little bit of love, some sanding, painting, a new knob and adding some pulls to the drawer as well as  adding top moulding for some character, new shelf front moulding (to put a facade in front of the curvy shelf I didn’t like)

and it’s a different piece altogether. 

I bet if they saw it now they wouldn’t have sent it to the landfill. 

Here it is in my kitchen.  Still have to put some stuff in it but that will be no problem. 

 One can never get enough cupboard space.


Jackson 005


  1. Nice redo! Thanks for sharing. Thinking earlier, I need twice the cabinet space I have now.

  2. What a remarkable transformation you did on that cabinet. You have great vision taking someone’s trash and creating piece of beauty.

  3. Can you believe what some people will throw away? I love your found cabinet.

  4. I agree that you can never get enough cupboard space.

  5. Wow, what a great transformation! This looks wonderful. I love what you did to spruce it up.
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  6. I am always amazed by what someone will throw away! That is an amazing cabinet…I love it and you did a great job spiffing it up!! Great job by your husband on this one! Have a great VTT!

  7. Great new piece of furniture for your home. Just a perfect new storage cabinet, you did a great re-do job.
    Happy VTT

  8. WOW it is AMAZING!! you’ve done a fabulous will look simply perfect hung in your kitchen! x

  9. Wow, amazing what you can find curbside!! It looks great.

  10. You did a great job. I agree never enough cabinet room. It looks great in your kitchen. Blessings

  11. what people throw away…it is amazing.
    you did this piece right by giving it new life. it looks great.
    happy september.

  12. You gotta love those roadside finds. I love to find a treasure this way. You cabinet is beautiful and yes, we never have enough cupboard space.

    good job.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. It looks wonderful! Honestly, the most amazing thing about this makeover is that your husband found it and brought it home to you. Now that’s a keeper hubby.

    I LOVE curbside shopping . . . it’s my favorite price!


  14. beautiful restoration work. that takes both talent and patience. well done.

  15. I love your cabinet. You did a wonderful job on it. It’s going to look great hanging up in your kitchen….Kathy

  16. What a great find! But…you have to be able to see the end result in your mind to know that it is a treasure in disguise:)