This metal flamingo was on the screen door of a little “summer house” in my husband’s back yard, growing up.  It was there as long as I remember and we started dating at 15.  I would say that it qualifies for vintage.  The house was really a screened in porch attached to the garage where they could enjoy being outside on hot days bug free.  It was also a place to have sleepovers when they were young, mosquito free.  We always had family parties and cook outs there in the summer time.    I have always liked it and now it is on our fence.  I should take it out of the weather but I really like it in my garden.flamingo


~Trees are your best antiques~ Alexander Smith

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  1. That is cute! Makes me think 50′s. It must be nice to have something like that around to remind you of younger days.

  2. She is sooooo cute…you are soooo lucky to have her! Thanks for coming by for a visit and I hope you will come again:)


  3. What a sweet garden ornament. I can certainly picture it as part of a screen door.


  4. The flamingo looks like it belongs outdoors.

  5. Hi Teresa~~ It’s one thing to have a cool vintage piece, all the better when there is a story/history behind it. This is great!

  6. Flamingoes are so fun. I think he belongs outside…A bit of summer all year round.

  7. oh fun. Sounds like a GREAT place to have sleepovers!

  8. What lovely memories! I’m glad you saved that and it looks great on your fence.

  9. I’ve always loved those old metal doors with the great decorations on them. This one is really lovely, and it sounds like it brings back really great memories too. Love it!
    Happy VTT!

  10. wayyy cute. I was so excited when I saw some pink flamingos in my neighborhood with santa hats at christmas that I had to turn around and get the camera out. lol

    My son was like..what’s all the excitement?!

  11. Nifty garden ornament! What a great way to recycle something special from your youth that’s all in the family.

  12. I love that you saved this flamingo! What wonderful memories it holds! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have seen these!! I wish I had a screen door with it attached! Great idea for garden art, and what a great memory associated with it!! Happy VTT!

  14. cute! with great memories attached. no wonder you don’t want to take it down, even in ‘the weather’. i am sure it’s used to all types of weather by now;-)

  15. Your pink flamingo is fabulous. I love it alot. It makes great garden art and holds fond memories for you.

  16. Hi Teresa,

    I just love old, vintage things – especially those with wonderful memories. I am glad you have it now :^)

  17. What a cool flamingo! So much better than the plastic species!

  18. sooooo vintage-cute! keep it where it is….it’s perfect!

  19. Much sweeter than the new fangled ones. I would have to set it outside too.

  20. pink metal flamingo.. very vintagey! and he should be place in the garden.. so pretty..

  21. really like vintage flamingo i am looking for one like it, actually entire screen door for our cottage.