Happy Friday!  Since I have put my gardens to bed for winter, I haven’t much to flaunt  but I went out there anyway, hopeful, camera in hand.  To my surprise I actually found a couple of blooms in the garden.  Meager as they are, they are still flowers, so here they are.  All two of them.  This aster squeaked out a couple more flowers.  aster

I guess you can’t keep a good aster down. geranium

 And my front porch geraniums are still hanging in there.  chinese maple

  I also found my beautiful Japanese maple practically glowing in the front yard. ff-019

 This is the first day it’s color really jumped out at me.  holly

The holly caught my eye also with those pretty bright red berries.

Since that is hardly enough to talk about, I decided to check out the indoor plants and see if I had any excitement going on there. ff-002

My African violets had some pink flowers. Yay!christmas cactus

Alas, a bud on my Christmas Cactus.  That would make it a Halloween cactus, I guess, but I’m not fussy, I will take a flower blooming in any shape or form.  black cat

May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.
~Irish Blessing

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  1. well!!! you certainly did pull out a couple of beautiful colors for us today! I am just loving the red leaves…so rich and beautiful. Ours didn’t get the chance to change..the snow just killed them…and I am hoping they actually fall off the trees before the next snowfall…or they may be too heavy and break the branches!!
    wow…I just love the colors….and it seems everyone is sharing a Christmas cactus this week! lol
    oops…should I have said Halloween cactus? mine is calendar challenged too!
    have a great weekend friend

  2. Well for not thinking you had much you sure pulled it off! Sweet sweet Asters, they just make me smile. And good ol’geraniums..gotta love them. Your Japanses Maple is just gorgeous! Nothing says Fall more than those glowing red leaves :~) Wishing you a great weekend!

  3. I love the maple leaves!!!!!

  4. I’m patiently waiting for my Christmas Cactus to put on buds. Meantime, little buds have formed on the Night Blooming Cereus — it might be my Halloween Cactus.

  5. I love seeing how Japanese Maples change color this time of year. The hollyberries and Christmas cactus do make it seem like Christmas is on its way!

  6. love the japanese maples…they are glowing.
    my hollies are baring yet but soon.
    enjoy your autumn weekend.

  7. What beautiful reds. The Japanese Maple and the Holly berries are just gorgeous.
    My silly Christmas Cactus is in full bloom.

  8. I am such a sucker for those Japanese Maples…I really love them…and all of your blooms are great…holly is really beautiful…

  9. you’ve got a lot going on! I love the Japanese maple with it’s red leaves and dark stems. Just gorgeous in the fall!

  10. Japanese maples are one of my favorites! I have in my yard but want another. -Jackie