After a couple of well needed rainy days, the weather has been wonderful.

These past two days, it’s hot but with low humidity so you can actually enjoy being outdoors. 

 I was finally able to catch up on my yard work and see what is going on out there. 

I have plenty of blooms putting on their show as well as weeds that needed to be pulled. 

The flowers make the weeding all the easier with their cheerful little faces. 

My muscles may be sore from all the weeding I am finally able to get done, but when I look out at the garden…

all is right with the world.

~”Summer is a promisary note signed in June, it’s long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January.”~ Hal Borland

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  1. That is one busy little bee. Your flowers are gorgeous — so colorful and pretty!

  2. Your photos as well as your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Love the bumble bee you captured having his way with your flower. Just lovely.
    Enjoy your gardening.

  3. Your blooms are all so lovely!@ You have done a wonderful job.
    Paula in Idaho

  4. I especially like the composition of the second image of the coneflowers.

  5. What lovely flowers. My pretty flowers smile at me too when I weed:)

  6. Such pretty pictures! Congratulations to you on getting some good ones of the bees. I always have such a hard time because they move so quickly! Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sherri : )

  7. Beautiful photos! It is cooler here this evening–even enjoyed a walk with low humidity tonight!

  8. Flowers are all looking good. I love the burrowing bee!

  9. Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  10. Love the bee en route to his next destination. Your photos are great but then looks like you have lots to work with.