spikes Today is Friday already! The weeks really go by fast in the summer.  We have actually had two or three days without rain this week.  That is really good.petunia  I don’t mind the rain as much as the gloomy skies that go along with it.  But hopefully that trend is behind us for a while.  Yesterday was just beautiful and the forecast for today looks just as good.  My gardens have filled out and are doing pretty well,  I guess they like the rain and cooler temperatures we have been having.   Thanks Tootsie for having Fertilizer Friday!nasturtium






beebalm daisy3







Gather ye rose-buds while ye may;
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.
~Robert Herrick


  1. each photo is more beautiful than the last!!! I love to see what everyone is getting to grow and bloom!!!

  2. Your garden looks absolutely magical, and the photos are awesome.

  3. Wow, Thats a beautiful garden with a colourful mix of flowers.

  4. You captured these blooms beautifully.

  5. Beautiful blooms and photos, Happy Fertilizer Friday!!

    Outside In

  6. Lovely blooms today!!!
    Happy FF to you!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  7. Beautiful photos!! Love your flowers

  8. Everything looks so gorgeous. You took beautiful photos! I just love Fridays so I can go garden hopping!!!

  9. Theresa, your garden photos are lovely! I like best the hosta flower with the ant (the background is beautiful!) and the daisies on the dark background. So pretty! And I always so enjoy seeing entire beds, so am glad you included one of those. I like to see what others are doing in their own gardens and that’s easier to tell from a bed photo over an individual blossom. :)
    “Gather ye rosebuds” is so in line with how I’m feeling about the garden right now. Autumn will be here too soon! Thanks so much for sharing your garden! ~~Rhonda

  10. Tes,
    beautiful pics, specially the ‘petunia’ ,hosta, calla..

    I was so surprised to see the ‘cardinal’ in your blog..what a coincidence..I have posted one too..

  11. I have to agree with Tootsie, each photo is more beautiful than the last. I poked around on your blog and found many many beautiful photos. Hot Cocoa sure deserved to win first place. A beautiful picture and rose for sure. Your tulip chairs are EXACTLY like mine. I thought I was looking at my garden. lol I like the red in the garden and also lots and lots of color. Your front yard garden is really popping and looks great.

  12. such beauty there! i love the individual close-ups. i am partial to those. the photo of your flowers by the house is great what a great combination of colours and types.
    happy july!