The weather has been dreary and cold for days with some rain and sunshine stuck in here and there. 



Not great gardening weather which means I have been very lazy about weeding and trimming. web-may-13-077

 I hate shivering while I am gardening. web-may-13-178

 To spite my neglect, things are still beginning to bloom so there are some treats to see. 


If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be out in my yard having some fun.

~”Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.”~ Gerald De Nerval


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  1. Wow – love these photos! If this is how things respond to neglect, I can only imagine what will happen when the weather improves and you don’t have to shiver whilst you garden!

  2. Well you should be here lol…it’s a bit cold to garden yet I can relate, but we have no blooms anyway still waiting for the tulips to open. The first spectacular thing to bloom will be the Blue Poppies which cannot take heat and really florish in a cold climate. I have been raking out old stuff and pulling grass which loves to take over my garden. Can’t put anything outside yet like young plants, not until the first of June. Take Care Nan

  3. I see you have quite a bit of property to play with:) Up to this point you have done a really nice job! I am sure your beds will look Spectacular once everything starts to bloom! From traveling around I think just about everyone has had crumbie weather this week :( Love your stone patio! Have a great weekend!