Copy_of_001To spite the sunny weather we’ve had along with warmer temps for the past week or so, we still don’t have a lot of flowers yet. But there are some. AND with each warm day we’ve had, the signs of spring are increasing. First crocus

second crocus

 I saw my first robin the other day and flocks of geese were flying over this morning.  Woohoo! 

montauk daisies

This post shows just about all my garden has to offer this week which is alot more than two weeks ago. 

I have my first (and second) Crocus and a daffodil blossom.

 To spite the soft ground, I may even get out there to rake up winter debris this weekend.  It is supposed to be in the sixties all weekend before a return to the high 30′s on Monday or Tuesday. daffodils!


 Sigh! Good things come to those who wait.  Right?   web-img_4305

 ~I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  ~Ruth Stout


 Copy_of_001Visis Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday!


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  1. I know how exciting those first signs of spring are. I am a little further along than you, but I am still delighted with each new bud. Everyday something new opens up or pushes out. I enjoyed watching bluebirds and robins in my trees today. Hooray!

  2. I have those little shoots popping up in my yard too. As many springs as I have lived through, I am still amazed and awed by the splendor of nature and the coming of spring. Can’t wait to do some serious gardening! Great pics and post!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Shoots shoots everywhere! LOL
    Can’t wait for Spring!

  4. How exciting that you have blooms and new growth now. It sounds like lots of places are going to be in the 60′s this weekend. We’ll all be out in our gardens :)

  5. I have shoots, too, but no blooms yet. Come on spring!

  6. those new shoots are adorable… great spring pics!

  7. still don’t have any shoots here…but I did see a few stray Canada Geese today! That means that the Robins are almost ready to visit too! They come in flocks in the spring…it is great to watch them.
    Thanks for linking in again this week!

  8. Signs of Spring are very exciting!

  9. I can relate to the geese! There are literally thousands around our place right now… it’s fun to go for walks and watch them land and take off! We also have a great many sandhill cranes… the most I’ve seen of them in one place was last fall and there were 48 of them in a small field.
    We are headed for a return to winter shortly, but will only last a few days! Larry

  10. I like your little what I call hen and chicken plants. saw my first robin

  11. I just hopped over from Tootsie’s and love your blog. I can’t wait to see what you have for us this summer.

  12. HOORAY Spring is tomorrow! LOL Isn’t it exciting to have things starting to pop out of the ground even if they aren’t mature yet. I only have a couple of things blooming too but hundreds of little sprouts!

  13. Isn’t it wonderful to have them start shooting up? Great news, spring is right around the corner!

  14. Yay! for the crocus and signs of spring.

  15. such promise sandy