It is August 21st.

Fertilizer Friday is here and things are still looking pretty good.  web-t-094


The morning glories are bloming !  I just love those blossoms every day. web-t-0451 web-t-050

A poker plant has surprised me with a couple of flowers.  

web-t-039This is pink Lobelia.  First time I have ever grown it. 


web-t-175web-t-119Lots of hot peppers!harvest

Yummy cherry tomatoes!  web-t-070 













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A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions – so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.  ~Adabella Radici


  1. Your shots are gorgeous…the single morning glory bloom is spectacular…everything is beautiful!!!

  2. They are all lovely and I especially like the vines climbing the corner garden fence…gail

  3. Beautiful morning glories, and love the flowers around the trees. Happy Fertilizer Friday!


  4. I confess that I hate morning glories b/c they overtake everything in my yard, but what an absolute beautiful photo of a gorgeous flower!

  5. Your photography is so nice. Beautiful flowers!

  6. I am in awe of how wonderful each bloom looks! Your morning glory is very pretty girl….I have no blooms on mine at all!!! thanks for flaunting with me!

  7. Everything looks beautiful. I sure wanted Morning Glory when we first bought this place it was the first thing I bought (seeds) and the neighbor said ‘No you don’t want to plant that it will take over everything.’ Why did I listen to her? I still may get some.

  8. I love how they quickly cover a blank fence but they do reseed themselves easily so you just have to pull the ones you don’t want.

  9. Very beautiful. Were you wondering about the yellow flowering vine? It’s Black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia alata. I love my ‘Grandpa Otts’ morning glories.~~Dee

  10. Just beautiful pictures of so many pretty flowers. I see you have so many Impatiens in your shady beds too. I love the color of your morning glory, what a pretty corner bed it makes.

  11. Oh I love morning glories and your purples ones are so pretty! Everything looks just lovely this week, as usual.

  12. Loved the smiling pepper yesterday. Love the impatiens today. Wish a kniphofia late bloom would surprise my garden!

  13. It’s so pretty there! After seeing more of the blue morning glory vines I think i should try them next year. What do yours grow on? They look so pretty on your fence. The impatiens in your front yard are beautiful.

  14. Catherine: Some of the morning glories are on a trellis and some of them climb up fishing line I run between nails on the fence. They will grab a hold of anything!

  15. Stunning photos! My Morning Glories are just starting to bloom this week, too. ~ Happy Friday! ~ Robyn

  16. Wonderful sharp pictures.
    Love seeing your beds…don’t always get to see that.
    Morning glories are always eye catching with light coming from the center.

  17. Your garden is so lovely, Teresa! My morning glory this year is not giving me lots of blooms. :( but i still love it just the same.

  18. I’d say that your fertilizer is working because everything is looking gorgeous, especially that flower bed at the front of the house. Very pretty. Wish my tomatoes were a beautiful red like yours. I’m afraid we’ll run out of warm weather before they ripen.

  19. It’s all just beautiful!