xmas cactus

I have a couple of Christmas cactus blooms getting ready to open and my African violet is still showing it’s pretty pink flowers that sparkle in the light. AFrican violet

My showoffs this week though, are a dozen roses that fill my house with their beauty and color.roses

  A gift from my sweetie because he knows I need a flower fix this time of year.





 roserose(Smart Man!)


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.  ~Thornton Wilder

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  1. Oh, now that’s my kind of man! He is a smart one :) Your roses are glorious!
    My 2 Christmas Cacti have buds too. Exciting, isn’t it? That’s a lovely clear picture you snapped of yours. One of my purple African Violets is blooming happily. The pink one just finished and is having a rest.
    Have you tried Columnia? Sometimes called Goldfish Plant. It’s a pretty one.
    I’m absolutely loving my Muck Boots for this time of year!!! No more cold, wet feet :)

  2. Loving the Christmas Cactus… I’ve got to get myself a plant. Yr roses are lovely – they look so soft and velvety!

  3. Lucky lady to get roses!! They are so gorgeous!

  4. Oh, what beautiful pictures. I love to see close ups of African violets. They always look like they are sugar frosted. Beautiful Roses.

  5. What a sweet husband! The roses are so pretty. I love that sparkle that the African Violets have.

  6. My what lovely flowers you have : )
    Thanks for sharing. B : )

  7. Very smart man! Roses are so fresh!!!
    Why don’t I have a christmas cactus? We always had it in out house when I was little.

  8. girl…you do have a wonderful way with a camera!!! each shot is more beautiful than the last!!!
    thanks for linking in and sharing this gorgeous display with us today!!!
    oh…and that husband…is a keeper!

  9. Your sweetie is, indeed, very sweet!

  10. gotta point my sweetie to your blog – maybe he’ll get some ideas… Lovely roses. seeing your x-mas cactus picture made me take a closer look at my own – yup, buds are forming :-)

  11. I love close up shots of roses and yours are really fabulous!

  12. I can practically feel the velvety softness of the rose petals caressing my nose. Kudos to hubby!

  13. a dozen roses just because?!! I’ll have to send mine a link to your blog.

    I like that photo with all the roses. And the one after, you’ve really captured the beauty of the rose!