Since I have virtually nothing to show from my outdoor garden, it’s back to the indoor plants to see what’s shaking. I brought my mandevilla in from the cold and it is doing great!  In fact, these are all plants that I had outside for the summertime.web-houseplants-008

    This guy was in my son’s room, needless to say it went by the wayside, neglected and looking for love.  I took it outside in early August and cut off every brown tattered leaf on it.  It was pretty much a stub of a plant.  Within a few weeks it started all these beautiful shiny leaves and was thriving once again. web-houseplants-010

 This spider plant lived all summer out on my front porch, I took it in a few weeks ago and it seems much happier inside than it was outside.    web-web-houseplants-017

Last but not least is my hibiscus that made me so thrilled when it bloomed all summer long planted in my garden.  I put it in a pot, brought it inside when the weather got cold and it immediately turned brown and dropped every leaf.  I was sure it was doomed.  I cut off every branch and now it has sprouted all new leaves as you can see. web-houseplants-003

 So far so good with the plants I moved inside. web-ff-003


Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul.  ~Linda Solegato

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  1. great post today girl!!! I have all those exact plants in my house or greenhouse too! Your mandevilla is looking as happy as mine is…and your philodendron is gorgeous!
    I do hope you have a wonderful weekend friend…thanks so much for linking in today!

  2. Hi Teresa~~ Your plants look fabulous. Warning: My garden buddy had aphid issues on her Mandavilla once she brought it inside. I’ll have to remember to not give up too soon on my Gardenia. Cheers.

  3. Your plants do look happy inside. I need to bring my lemon tree in soon, I’m hoping it’ll bloom inside and we can enjoy the scent.
    Good luck wit h your hibiscus, it looks like it’s making a great comeback.

  4. Your plants look so happy & healthy!
    Have a great weekned!

  5. Your mandeville looks great! I brought my inside and it started dropping it’s leaves and blooms. But, it seems to be OK now… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck with the hibiscus. I’m sure it will bounce back in time.

  6. Your plants look so happy inside…you must have lots of light…

  7. No doubt you have a green thumb. If those plants had been mine, they would have gone to glory for sure. Yours have really come around and look good. Happy to have you visit today.

  8. Hi I just came over from Tootsie’s. Looks like some healthy plants there. I don’t have but one, but since meeting Tootsie I am going to get some. Come over for a visit.

  9. The hibiscus looks really happy!