The weather is finally giving us a bit of a break with only occasional below freezing nights. 

We have had so much rain that it’s hard to be outside enjoying what is starting to bloom. I did manage to get out there and click a few photographs the other day. 

 There are signs of life everywhere.  We even had to mow our lawn for the first time.  Now there is a real sign of spring. 

In the next couple of weeks everything will be alive with color,

but right now these little glimpses of what is to come realllllly make me happy. 

I made compost tea with Haven Brand Horse Tea.  My seedlings are loving it. 

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  1. I love your bleeding hearts Teresa.

    This is the coldest, wettest spring in memory. It is supposed to rain here all next week!

  2. Calling by to visit another participant from Flaunt Your Flowers. In contrast to your wet winter ours has been colder and drier than normal. Your bleeding hearts likes the rain.

  3. It’s nice to see you’ve had a break in the weather there. Hopefully you’ll be able to get out into your garden more and more now, but it must be heartening to see the signs of the garden coming alive once again.

  4. I like the bleeding hearts too, have never had luck with them. I want to try some of the compost tea.

  5. A Garden of Threads

    My bleeding heart is only just showing out of the soil and yours in bloom. It is lovely when the spring flowers make an appearance. Happy gardening this weekend.

  6. The weather here is just the same, made for a very long winter, didn’t it? Your bleeding heart is very pretty, mine is just first poking up and checking to see if the snow is gone.

    My whole garden could use a shot of that tea!

  7. The bleeding hearts are beautiful. I am loving the compost tea. What a great idea. Have a great weekend

  8. Your bleeding hearts are beautiful…so vivid and lush.