There is still a bit of growing going on here.  web-s-016

The rose bush surprised me with a couple of new buds, even though I thought I had seen the last flower last week.

The daisies are still making up for lost time, web-s-008

my hibiscus gave me one last bloom before I brought her insideweb-s-011  

and the little pink flowers must like the cool temperatures.web-s-0181 

My geraniums are still flowering as well.web-k-0311

  And the morning glories seem to go on endlessly in the cooler temperatures.web-k-0151


I am happy that the colder weather hasn’t taken them all away



  Visit tootsietime to see the flaunting of flowers in other gardens.


Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.  ~Anthony J. D’Angelo


  1. Isn’t it nice when plants ignore the calendar and continue flowering? I especially love the delicate pink of your geraniums. Here in Arizona, we are getting ready to plant geraniums, which do well in our relatively mild winter.

  2. It’s sad they’re just about done. Whatever will I do? ;-( Your Geranium picture is beautiful – it looks so silky and the Morning Glories look like they are lit up from below. Is your unknown a Snapdragon? Kind of looks like one although the petals don’t look quite long enough but some are different I suppose.

  3. You are still showing some great colors in your gardens.

  4. Teresa!!! I am envious that you still have such life in your gardens!!!
    I love the colors and the photos you take always show how healthy and happy all your plants are!
    thanks for linking in and sharing with me again this week!

  5. Beautiful shots of these “survivors”…I still have a lot of blooms also…but things are fading here…

  6. I know I’m enjoying every flower outside as long as they are here. I’m always surprised at how long the roses will keep blooming. Love all your pink flowers!

  7. We are so GRATEFUL to find blooms at this time of year, when we think any day now they will be all done. Love your pics.

  8. Teresa, what a colorful display of summer flowers in October! The Morning Glory is outstanding! Do you grow it from seeds? Did you treat the seeds before planting? I heard that they need to be scratched to help them to germinate.

  9. Yes they are from seed, and I just soak them for a couple of days before I plant them.

  10. beautiful blooms – the pink unknown flower is very nice. my friend Grace has the same dark, almost florescent blue morning glories. In fact, I also came to tell you I did end up regifting the waistie pouch and she models it here…

  11. Thanks Wendy, I am glad your friend Grace can put it to good use!

  12. Beautiful photos & lovely blooms!

  13. I’m jealous! I had to rip out our gardens a week ago. We’ve been having freezing weather and it finally took a toll on all of the plants and they were dieing and turning brown. Sniff sniff. Glad to see you still have a few to enjoy.