This week has been another hot one. 

 Some of my plants aren’t faring as well as others but there are still plenty churning out the blooms. 

I had to do a lot of weeding and deadheading this week but it’s all good,

as long as I can garden,

 I am not complaining. 


Too soon I will be indoors watching it snow and wishing I was out in the yard working up a sweat over spent flowers and weeds.   

One of the things I find myself doing in August is realizing  the end of summer is almost here,



so I spend a little more time absorbing the garden and how great it is to be out there. 


I hope you are enjoying these dog day afternoons as well. 


~”Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
~Russel Baker

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  1. Lovely colors and depth of field in these garden images. August is my least favorite summer month because it means that the season starts to end.

  2. Beautiful captures and shhh about summer winding down.

  3. Teresa, You have a pretty path beside your garden and I’d love to relax in one of your Adirondack chairs with a glass of lemonade! Your hibiscus, nasturtium, and campanula as well as the shade garden are looking great! Very nice photographs!

  4. Your yard is gorgeous…the bunny knows a good thing when it sees it.

  5. Nice flowers – great photos! I think you need to add in a spider or two…;)

  6. Things are looking good despite it being the dog days of summer! Those red chairs look so inviting.

  7. Love your garden. The close-up of the flowers are beautiful. So many posts on the dog days, I guess it is happening all across the country, but you are in my neck of the woods, so we share the summer heat. Your dog is adorable, I like his perch.

  8. Great photos of your flowers. It was ridiculously hot here last week, but we got a little break this weekend. I’m so behind in my weeding that it may take me weeks to catch up!