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 I met with a couple of  blogging friends that live in my area, for lunch last week.

We try to meet monthly and keep track of what each other is up to.  There are usually five of us but this time only Kathy  of Cold climate Gardening, Donalyn of dlynz and myself could manage a date that worked.


 I so look forward to these lunches because I learn so much from each of these girls about gardening, blogging and social media as well as life in general. We are all so very different and so much alike.   Their experience and advice has really helped me grow as a blogger as well as a gardener.  I feel very lucky to know them and call them my friends.

 After a fun lunch together, Donalyn took us to a great place to get daylilies.










She had called ahead and arranged for a visit since it’s a retired couple who have the garden.  Now they only show their gardens through word of mouth referals and friends.

While you are there, they take you through their gardens where you see and pick out the ones you like. They have you make a list and at a later date, when they get them dug up for you, you stop back and pick them up. Donalyn is big a daylily fan and has been visiting there for years.

They have a huge selection of beautiful lilies including many he has created by pollinating them himself.




  My list of must haves was huge by the time I completed the tour of their lovely “yard”.

Needless to say I had to trim my list by about 75% and save the rest for another visit.


Their garden was such a treat.


Norma proudly guided us through the many lilies that she and her husband have spent years collecting and tending to. 

 I was absolutely in awe seeing all these lilies blooming together.  Such a beautiful sight. I can hardly wait for the call to go pick them up.


…as soon as our heat wave ends, that is.



~”A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.  ~LeoBuscaglia


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed it as well Tes – I never get tired of going there. And if there is something more fun than sharing a place like that with friends, I can’t imagine what it would be. I was thinking the other day how thankful I am that Kathy brought us all together, and how great it is to have all 4 of you as friends.

  2. Thank you for these pictures, Tes, as well as the kind words from you and Donalyn. That was an amazing garden, wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to adding to my collection next year!

  3. Meeting up with blogger friends is fun. Great pictures.

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to meet with friends of like mind? It was so wonderful to visit that special word of mouth garden. You are special! Love the photos.
    Joyce M

  5. What fun! I loved the photos. I just recently added some red day lilies to my garden. We’ll see how they do.

  6. Wow! That’s gorgeous! My monthly gardening budget would totally be blown in a place like that…

  7. Oh my gosh I love daylilies and that place looks incredible! I would’ve been in heaven to go there!! It looks amazing and how sweet of the couple to do that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow… somebody who has more daylilies than me… very, very nic… enjoyed my visit to your post! Larry

  9. That is the largest collection of lilies I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  10. So many beautiful Daylilies. You were simply spoilt of choice.

  11. what a neat operation they are running there…I would have had a list a mile long too!

  12. I am visiting via Romantic Homes.

    What a wonderful garden!

    Have a happy weekend!

  13. What a lovely way to spend a day with friends, out to eat and then off to a garden to pick out daylilies. Just perfect!

  14. Wow, there are so many gorgeous daylilies to choose from! The one in the last picture is very unique and special.

  15. my one and only daylilly did not bloom this year…Next year…right? lol
    If I was to transplant it…would I have to wait another year for it to bloom???
    thanks for linking in girlie..I love it!