Dahlias are great flowers.

 They come in all sizes and colors. 

They grow from tubers you plant in spring after all chances of frost is over. 

 Dahlias require soil with good drainage and  they do well in partial to full sun. 

Dahlias are not hardy, so they must be dug up before the first frost.  They can be stored and replanted the following year.

They are one plant that I add every year to my own garden because they are so dependable and rewarding. 


~”When words escape, flowers speak.”
-   Bruce W. Currie

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  1. The dahlias are so gorgeous!

  2. Dahlias are such extravagant flowers. Our Master Gardner program has maintained a large plot of them on the main street into town.

  3. Such an intricate and beautiful flower. Lovely shots Teresa.

  4. My grandad always grew flowers for my nana and these were one of her favourites. I particularly liked the very first one!


  5. Wow…just wow. From the cotton candy colors of the top photo to the vivid wine treat on the bottom photo…wow!

    If you have time to stop by: My Macro Monday

  6. What a beautiful collection … especially loved the dark red with the white!

  7. Lovely photos, my favourite flower!

  8. so many great pictures
    what a joy!