Although many of my plants are giving a wonderful dose of color to the garden,

 I can’t help but enjoy a few of my pots that are bursting with color also.  


I have had a few casualties due to the heat this summer, but most have not only survived, but also thrived in the heat. 

Container gardening can be very rewarding with many kinds of plants. 

The trick is to choose plants that share similar requirements such as light, water and sunshine, and put them in to quality soil that has very good drainage. 

 Keep them watered, give adequate amounts of sun, fertilize occasionally and they should reward you with wonderful flowers and lush greenery until the end of the summer. 

 Speaking of that, I couldn’t believe I saw mums in the store already, 

I am not quite ready for that, 


not yet anyway.


~”Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
-   William Shakespeare 





  1. You have lovely containers; especially that picnic basket–so cute!

  2. I love all of your containers, my favorite is also the picnic basket. It is such a charming idea and

  3. I love your uncontained containers! I enjoy it when my plants decide to take off and leave their containters.

  4. Love those containers – I’ve been shopping in Goodwill store for baskets and other things to use as containers. Can’t wait to plant them up!

  5. Great containers! I especially like the picnic baskets. Perfect combinations of colors. Jean

  6. Beautiful flowers, you must have a very ‘green thumb’ cause your plants look happy and healthy! What is the climbing vine on your trellis? And love your red chair. . .

  7. Hi Teresa… Your container look fabulous! I love those picnic baskets:-) I have a few old picnic baskets floting around… I am gonna have to do this next season, Thnaks for the so charming idea!

  8. Suzie, that plant is a black eyed susan vine ((Thunbergia alata). It is not winter hardy but it sure puts on a show as an annual. easy to grow and really nice to look at. Thanks for your kind comment.