The Gearcor Company Garden is still in the planning stages since the weather will not cooperate at all.  We have gone from really cold weather to very warm with so much rain you couldn’t think of building raised beds out there just yet. But soon we will.

 So we continue to dream of the day when our seedlings will be able to be planted outdoors. In the meantime, we have transplanted some and they all continue to grow. 

And we wait…..

On a very positive note. 

our mystery seeds are germinating at last.


* We are using Haven Brand Compost Teas to nourish our plants and we are happy to say they are now available from GardenShoesOnline


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  1. Teresa the rain has been something here too. Your plants are looking wonderful though. Hopefully soon we can start making those beds. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. THanks Lona, the rain will have to end at some point, let’s hope.

  3. Aren’t seedlings darling? Such hope and promise. We might take some of that rain off your hands. :)

  4. this is absolutely amazing! they look fantastic! I never had any luck with grow lights!

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