The company garden is doing very well.




Ginger picked our first cucumber today as well as the first cherry tomato.





  Delicious just as we had hoped. Everyone has been able to help themselves to salad for lunches and now there will be cucumbers and cherry tomatoes to add to the greens.

 None of us can wait for the tomatoes and zucchinis to be ready. 

 The whole experience has been positive as well as really fun.

~”The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.” ~Hanna Rion


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The Muck Daily Garden Shoe is my favorite shoe in the garden!

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  1. You all look like you’re having so much fun with the garden!

  2. We really are Kala, thanks for visiting!

  3. yes Teresa, harvest time is always a joyous time, especially if you are harvesting the fruits of your labor! The plants look so healthy and aesthetically good also even if just the greens! thanks.

  4. you are always so happy in the photos!!!
    I love it!
    the bottle garden is a very cool idea…that I may need to ‘borrow..”? lol
    your gardens are very nice as usual…perused a few more posts while I was here and have left with a smile on my face too!
    Thanks for linking in!