and coming along well. 

 Pete fenced in the garden area and built the raised beds.

Everyone here is getting excited that we will have fresh vegetables to show for all the work and waiting we have done.

 We ran out and got a few plants on Saturday to fill in for the ones that were sunburned when they were first moved outside a few weeks ago. 

   My husband and I enjoyed putting in the new plants. 




But there was a visitor that we didn’t expect.

Turns out we have cucumber beetles.

  They are colorful fellas but they are persistent pests that kill cucumber and squash plants.   Pete found them on the  pumpkin vines they have been feasting on.

Just another bump in the gardening road, but you can’t keep a good company down.  We are determined to have a bounty of veggies to show for our work. So we will forge on and find out how to rid ourselves of these yellow striped intruders.

Remeber the mystery seeds we planted?

Pete has taken on the challenge of growing extremely huge pumpkins~ so follow along to see how it goes.  Click on the link to learn more about the giant pumpkins we are growing in our company garden. A lot goes in to growing these monster pumpkins.  They come from a grower who sent us seeds from plants that have produced pumpkins as large as  1000 lbs.  Now that’s a Jack O Lantern to carve! 



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 Have you heard about GreenCure?

Get the details of this hard working fungicide that is approved for Organic Gardening                            


  1. Sorry to read you got beetles on the cucumbers. But he is a very colorful bug!

  2. I’ll take a cucumber beetle any ol’ day….we have the green horned tomato worms now, and they’re creepy! LOL

    Winter Past is my link to Macro Monday. Do stop by when you get a chance. I’d love your company. Have a great week.