The company garden is coming along nicely. 



The tomatoes are growing well and ready to be staked, 





the zuchinni plants are thriving

 and the “great pumpkins” are growing like weeds. 

Except for some unwanted tiny mushrooms that think they belong in our raised beds and some spots on a few leaves of a tomato plant, we seem to be in pretty good shape.

  We have some snap peas waiting to be picked so Mike did the honors…

he got the first taste of our garden(deservedly so) and said it was delicious! 


~”One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides.”  ~W.E. Johns


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  1. Congratulations it looks like it taste good and only going to get better <|;-)

  2. The raised beds look great. What type of tomatoes and zucchini are you growing?