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 The Gearcor Company Garden is growing by leaps and bounds. 

There is plenty to enjoy and we are finally getting lots of tomatoes.  The cherry tomatoes are so delicious but we are now waiting for the larger ones to ripen up.

We have had plenty of cucumbers and squash as well as lettuce.

We have learned a lot as the gardening season goes on.  My biggest mistake was not making the tomato cages tall or strong enough.  These tomato plants are monsters.  Much bigger than mine at home.  I think they like the constant sunshine they get here that mine lack.Also we should have planted way more snap peas.  They are a favorite and there aren’t enough to make us all happy.  Same with the green beans.

Our biggest disappointment so far has been the cucumber and squash bugs which have really done a number on our giant pumpkins.

Pete and Mike have really tried to keep the plants going but those bugs destroy the plants. 

They ruin the female flowers as quick as they come out. So it’s really doubtful there will be any huge pumpkins to brag about.

All in all we have really enjoyed doing this but like most gardeners say….your garden is never as good as it will be next year.OW_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb[2]



  1. Beautiful Veggie Garden!

  2. Good growing!