~To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.  ~Beverly Nichols

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  1. Wonderful lilac photos. I have similar in my garden (not yet but soon I hope) and I love the flowers shapes. I also like your dog with the lilacs, seems he enjoys the photosession!


  2. Aren’t Columbines gorgeous? I’ve been photographing mine as well. I love the loopy insides! Beautiful, Teresa!

  3. Gorgeous combination of colors! I love seeing flowers from around the world, some can never be seen in my tropical island.

  4. The colors and light are lovely!

  5. Columbines are such delicate pretty flowers. Great shots.

  6. You have columbine blooming inside? How awesome is that? I’m lived in Colorado for many years and being that it is the state flower ….I still love ‘em.

    My Macro is HERE. I do hope you can find time to stop for a visit with me today!

  7. those columbine are such wonderful colors….
    great photos!

  8. Beautiful columbines! I love them in purple!

  9. Those are really pretty! We have one or two in our garden (left over from the previous owner) but they are such a dark red/purple as to be almost black and I’m not very fond of them.

    Nice pictures, too!

  10. I love columbines. I also checked out your store and love the shoe selection.