As promised, I will occasionally share certain products from Garden Shoes Online that I think are very noteworthy.  I want to give some info about GardenGrips Clogs. Women's GardenGrips clogs

 These clogs are so comfortable, I want to wear them all the time.  When I first saw them, I was attracted to their rugged look for sloppy weather. Plus, they are clogs and  I love that because they are so easy to slip on or off- going in or out of the house.  Another thing I like is that they are warm.  Comfortably warm, unlike many slip on shoes this time of year. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They aren’t stiff, and really fit my high arches.  There’s a flex panel on the top that makes bending your foot comfy~that isn’t something I find very often~especially in clogs. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They are great for gardening chores because they have  a composite shank, so you don’t hurt your foot when you shovel… I never intend to get working in the garden, then something catches my eye and before I know it I am digging or raking or whatever. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 It’s nice to have on shoes that are ready for action. The soles have great traction in the grass, even on steep slopes like my front yard.   Garden Grips

They also have water and stain resistant leather as well as an inside liner that keeps your feet dry. Women's GardenGrips clogs

 I am not exagerating when I say these will be my favorite shoes this winter and spring.gardengrips clogs

  I think they look great in or out of the garden. I  wore them out the other night to the movies because they felt so warm and comfortable I didn’t want to take them off after some outdoor Christmas decorating.  They also come in 4 different colors.  So if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are great for anytime as well as to work in your yard, you ought to check these out.  I think you will be glad you did.  Click on any of the pictures to find out more! 









I began using Green Cure this summer on a weekly basis.  Due to all of the rainy, damp weather we have gotten around here I have used it as a preventive measure against powdery mildew.  One can only guess how many different afflictions my plants have avoided because I have been using  Green Cure faithfully every week.  It is organic and it doesn’t hurt the good insects.  Click on the Green Cure link above to read about all the diseases that Green Cure will take care of and how it works.

WSloggers Buzz Off Wide Brim Hatho doesn’t enjoy a little nibbling of the ears now and then?  Unless of course it from gnats and mosquitoes.  The gnats this year have been ridiculous (have I mentioned that before?) Seems like they like to hang around places that have a lot of rain.  That would be us ~this summer especially.  Every time I have a job to do in the garden or a stone patio to build, those little buggers like to whiz into my ears and eyes.  Sometimes it was so bad I would put off going out to get some gardening done until they were gone.  Not anymore! I started wearing a Slogger’s Buzz Off Wide Brim Hat.  I am not generally a big fan of hats, but when I saw the insect repellent feature on these hats, I had to try it.  Sure enough, it works!  Now I look like  a responsible gardener warding off the dangerous rays of the sun when I am really just trying to keep those damn bugs away! But, little did I know when I first saw these , they have a UPF 50+. What a deal~ looks good, protects from the sun and it keeps the bugs away.  YaY! So now when I am gardening they fly around me but they do not go under my hat. I gave one to my friend for her birthday and she loves it.  She trimmed her hedges (and she has a lot of hedges), she can’t believe how well it worked keeping those gnats out of her face, and she really loves the sun protection.  The other day when I was out in the vegetable garden, my son said, “Nice hat! What’s with the gnats around your head though?”  They were all around, but they were not getting in my eyes or ears or face.  Works for me!

I have yet another great product to tell you about.  It is the Waistie Garden Pouch When I first saw it I thought it might be cumbersome and in the way, but once I tzwprb-2ttried it on and used it I realized it was anything but.  It is so handy when you are weeding and deadheading to put the waste right into the basket in front of you.  If you need to crouch down you simply slide it to your side or your back.  It holds my cobra head and nippers so they are always handy. Then I don’t just set them somewhere and have to go searching for them.  It is really easy to waistie_pouch_emptydump.  Just unzip the sides into the waste bin, simple as that. It is also nice for hands free harvesting of your veggies too!

Click on the link above or any of the pictures to read more.




Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste.
-  William Shakespeare

hisc10alb-2tI have another great product to blog about.  I actually  came across it at the Philadelphia Garden Show.  The minute I watched their demonstration that showed all the different settings of water flow from strong to trickle I was drawn in, but what really grabbed my attention was it’s construction that allows you to drop it and not ruin it.  I think I drop hose nozzles more than any thing else, and usually it breaks them.  Not the Ultimate  Hoze Nozzle.  It sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.  Works for me.  I have been using this since April and eventhough I drop it left and right.  It still works like a charm.  I also like how it turns on and off to the left and to the right and you don’t have to hurt your hand holding in a trigger because you just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do.  Well, my raves didn’t fall on deaf ears, we now carry this product at Garden Shoes Online so if you want to give it a look just click on my link above or go to  You will find a great video that shows you just how great this hose nozzle is.  I just love it. hosepatterns

wgloveI have been using Bionic Gardening Classic Gloves since the beginning of spring.  They are comfy and have sensitivity that rubber gloves just can’t give.  My fingers don’t feel clumsy when I wear them and I can pick up even tiny things easily.  Unlike other leather or cloth gloves, the seams have never caused blisters or even soreness.  I have to say I am impressed with their suppleness and recovery after getting muddy or wet. They are  a must have if your hands get tired and sore while gardening and there isn’t the sweating issue you get with many gardening gloves. The wrist closure supports your wrist and keeps the dirt out as well.   The thing that really surprised me is that they are washable.  I never would have thought that possible of leather gloves,wgloves but it’s true.  They came out of the washer looking a lot closer to new than when they went in, and they didn’t shrink.  After a few bends of the hand, they were comfy again without stiffness and they looked good. They feel more like golf or batting gloves instead of gardening gloves.  I  definitely recommend them to any of you who like to get your hands dirty~without getting your hands dirty.

   There are  different colors too, check them out along with other styles of Bionic Garden Gloves at or just click on one of the pictures. wwgw-colors












Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made

by singing: — “Oh, how beautiful!” and sitting in the shade. ~Rudyard Kipling

cobrahead I have a new favorite tool. I use it for just about every chore in the garden. It lifts weeds, digs holes, pulls out rocks, creates rows, edges, lifts, transplants, pulls up chunks of grass and on and on. The end is sharp on both sides so it slices roots as you dig. That also makes it great for both right and left handed gardeners. The blade is self sharpening so you don’t have to worry about it getting dull. I also like it in my rock garden hill. It can dig through the rough dirt with ease. I just love it. I used it to put in all of my plants this year. CobraHead has made life a whole lot easier. I don’t know how I gardened without it.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up

until your back gets used to it. ~Author               


One of the perks of blogging for Garden Shoes Online is that I get to try out some of our products and let you know what I think about them.  I got a pair of Muck Daily Garden Shoes.  They are comfy and water proof.  I really like the way the top is a bit tighter- It keeps the dirt out.  They also kick off and slip on easily which makes it easy to run in the house if need be. They hose off quickly as well which makes cleaning up a snap.  I chose the wineberry color. They are very cute and functional which is a great combination.  It isn’t always easy looking good while gardeniweb-today-030ng.  At least now it looks as though I am trying a little harder.  Living in the city – gardening in my front yard involves chatting with people walking by.  Let me tell you, I am not always a lovely sight, but if I have great accessories that do their job AND happen to look good too- I am all for the extra help.










May all your weeds be wildflowers.  ~ Author Unknown