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When I opened up the box to my new Muck Breezy Garden Shoes I was thrilled to find these fun shoes.  When I tried them on I found them to be very supportive as well as comfortable.


They feel like a running shoe.  Their sturdy soles are rugged for traction on wet grass and dirt.

 The footing feels secure and stable when you walk in them.  I can hardly wait for the nice weather so I can try them in action!  That is of course as long as I keep them away from Knox, our  German Shepherd Puppy.  He seems to like them too.

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 Muck Boots Women’s Breezy Low Cool Series Features

  • New XpressCool™ lining material keeps your feet cool in warm weather
  • Weighs 20% less than other Muck brand shoes
  • Built on a last designed for women, providing ultimate fit and comfort
  • 4mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon, 100% waterproof, lightweight and flexible
  • EVA Midsole
  • New lightweight EVA outsole with rubber pods for optimal traction and support
  • etc® sockliner to reduce friction and heat build up

  TheUltimate Hoze Nozzle is named appropriately. hisc10alb-2t

 I have used it for 3 summers and have yet to have one problem with it.  Even with repeated dropping, dragging and even stepping on it, it has stood the test of time. 

 When dropped, it sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.

  Now that’s something you don’t find often and I can see why they offer it ~they are confident that you won’t have any problems.  It is good looking and comes in several colors including blue, green and red.  It turns on and off to the left and to the right which I find to be a great asset~ you don’t give yourself a shower trying to turn it in the correct direction for on and off, like most hose sprayers. 

 It doesn’t hurt your hand to use for an extended period of watering because there is no holding in a trigger.  Just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do. Even if you have low water pressure at your house, it still is able to provide a powerful spray to get the job done. 

It is constructed of stainless steel, brass, reinforced fiberglass and santoprene rubber. It is definitely built to last.  Click on any of the photos here or you can visit Garden Shoes Online for more information.  It is the best hose nozzle I have ever come across.  Every home should have one. hosepatterns

 They make great gifts too!

What to look for when shopping for gardening footwear

Going out to quickly to inspect the yard, pick veggies or tend to containers? Clogs are great for slipping on easily and keeping your feet protected. They also work well on hot days to keep your feet cooler especially if you are wearing a molded clog with air vents. Flip-flops or sandals are also great for keeping your feet cool doing this type of gardening.

Going to be digging a new bed or standing in deep dirt that could possibly be wet and muddy? Shoes would be a better choice since they keep the dirt and water away from your feet. Something that fits well when you are working in the mud, using a rake, or digging a hole will make your feet more comfortable therefore making the work more enjoyable.


Heavy duty digging in a spring garden? Boots would be the choice I’d make for that. They will likely have safety features that protect your feet when you work with gardening tools, they would be waterproof as well, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Once you know which type of shoe you want, narrow your search further by using the following guidelines.


  • Looks – Lets face it, we all like shoes that show our personalities. Great, nice looking, colorful shoes make us not only look good but feel good. Just putting on a pair of bright colored or flower covered shoes makes me want to go out and play in the dirt, or splash in a puddle. If you aren’t headed to the garden, most gardening shoes look great when you are out and about doing errands. People will envy your style and daring choice when really you just like fun shoes! So don’t keep them just for gardening, wear them often!
  • Slip on and off-ability – This is a biggy! If the footwear goes on and off easily, then you are more apt to slip them on when you go out there to just “take a look at your plants”. We all start out that way and before we know it, you have half your garden weeded or a new bed dug up. Gardening footwear instead of your bedroom slippers or flip-flops will work best in this situation. Boots or shoes that have a kick-off ridge makes leaving your shoes behind a no-handed deal, so look for that feature when choosing your pair.
  • Another reason easy on and off is so important is, if you have to run in the house for a second, it’s so much nicer when there are no laces to deal with, or buckles to close. You are more apt to slip them off and therefore keep your house so much cleaner. Let’s face it, when we come back inside from gardening we are usually too tired to mop the floor. Energy spent on gardening is so much more like play than work. Save the work for rainy days.Stretchy at the top opening in shoes is a great feature for on and off as well as comfort! The whole point of good shoes is to keep your feet dry and clean. A snug top keeps dirt out as well as debris, so make sure the top of your shoe or low boot is snug enough to do this task without being too tight. It’s really important to keep you comfortable. Nothing worse than having to stop to get a pebble or stick out of your shoe when you are in the gardening zone.
  • Comfort – Fit is really important. Too loose and you get blisters and you could easily fall. Too tight, you could get blisters and you won’t likely wear them. So make sure the fit is good and they are made to do the kind of gardening you do. They shouldn’t need a break-in period. Put them on and they should feel comfortable. Simple as that.
  • Waterproof – Wearing shoes that are waterproof is especially great if the dirt is wet or deep. No one likes a shoe full of water or mud so when looking for garden shoes, try to find ones that will keep your feet dry and comfortable ~that leads to more time gardening. ~Don’t worry that waterproof means sweaty. Most of the better shoes are made with linings that keep your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature as well.
  • Safety – Having a shoe that protects your toes as well as your arch when using tools is always a bonus. Garden shoes protect your feet from dirt and germs that can lead to all sorts of issues. Not to mention protecting that pedicure.
  • Easy to Clean – Finding garden shoes that will clean up quick and dry fast makes them a great choice. Let’s face it. Your shoes get dirty in the garden, being able to hose them off and know you aren’t ruining them is really important.

So those are the things to keep in mind when you give up that pair of flip flops or old sneakers that you garden in, or when you decide that sharp rock you stepped on makes barefoot gardening seem unwise.

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We have Felco Pruners for both right and left handed users, and small sized pruners for those of you with smaller hands.  We also offer pairs with an ergonomic rotating action  handle.



All Felco pruners fit your hand comfortably so you don’t tire while using them. They have an ergonomic design, cushioning to protect your hands, wire cutting notch and a groove for sap if you are cutting sticky branches. 

 If you are tired of replacing your pruners season after season and tired of dull pruners that break or don’t cut well, these are for you.

  Once you have a pair you will never settle for any other kind. Made to last a lifetime.  

They also make a great gift for any gardener or homeowner.  


hisc10alb-2tI have a great product to blog about today.  I actually  came across it at the Philadelphia Garden Show  last year.  The minute I watched their demonstration that showed all the different settings of water flow from strong to trickle I was drawn in, but what really grabbed my attention was it’s construction that allows you to drop it and not ruin it.  I think I drop hose nozzles more than any thing else, and usually it breaks them. 

 Not the Ultimate  Hoze Nozzle.  It sort of bounces.  No worries about breaking it ~and if you do figure out how to break it, there is a life time warranty from the manufacturer.  Yes I said lifetime.  You send it back and they send you a new one.  Works for me.  I have been using this since last April and eventhough I drop it left and right,  It still works like a charm.  I also like how it turns on and off to the left and to the right and you don’t have to hurt your hand holding in a trigger because you just twist it on and water away.  The high power is great for washing the car, the driveway, etc… and the lighter settings are gentle enough to water delicate flowers or give your dog a bath, whatever you need to do.  If you want to give it a look just click on my link above or go to  You will find a great video that shows you just how great this hose nozzle is.  I just love it.


are comfy and waterproof. 

 I really like the way the top is a bit tighter and stretchy- It keeps the dirt out and makes them very comfortable.  They also kick off and slip on easily which makes it easy to run in the house if need be, especially this time of year when the ground is soft and muddy.



These hose off quickly as well which makes cleaning up a snap.  I have the wineberry color.

They are fun and functional which is a great combination.  It isn’t always easy looking good while gardening, but living in the city, across from a park, - gardening in my front yard involves chatting with people walking by.  Let me tell you, I am not always a lovely sight, but if I have great accessories that do their job AND happen to look good too, I am all for the extra help. At least it looks as though I am trying a little harder.  If only they could help with my hair, but that is another story…


Muck Daily Clogs are also a great slip on for the garden or to run out on an errand.  I don’t like them for regular everyday gardening as much as the shoes because I don’t like dirt getting on my feet. Those pedicured pigs need to look spiffy and I always get way more involved than I think I will, so a shoe is a better bet for me.  Some people might prefer the clog over the shoe, it’s a matter of preference. 


Sometimes you just need a boot instead of a shoe.  If you want to wear something that is a bit more durable on mucky ground that is deeper in dirt or mud, the Muck Scrub Boot is  a good choice.  It is waterproof, comfortable and it also comes in fun colors as well as the traditional green. 


Whatever your gardening needs are, one of these are sure to fit the job.  primrose


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 f8-22We have Felco Pruners for both right and left handed users .

Small sized pruners for those of you with smaller hands.  

We are happy to offer  a pair with an ergonomic rotating action  handle. f7-22

Felco pruners fit  your hand comfortably so you don’t tire while using them. 

They have an ergonomic design and cushioning to protect your hands.f10-24

Wire cutting notch and a groove for sap if you are cutting sticky branches. web-tree-090

 If you are tired of replacing your pruners season after season and tired of dull pruners that break, these are for you. 

f9-23 Once you have a pair you will never settle for any other kind. 

Made to last a lifetime.  

They make a great gift for any gardener or homeowner.  


felco pruners

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Working at Garden Shoes Online gives me the opportunity to try out different products and let you know what I think so you can know the ins and outs before you buy.   Women's GardenGrips clogs

These Garden Grip clogs are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I have worn them so much this winter because they are rugged and good in the messy weather.  My feet stay dry and warm and they are easy to slip on and off for errands or working in the yard.   Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 They aren’t stiff, and really fit my high arches.  There’s a flex panel on the top that makes bending your foot comfy~that isn’t something I find very often~especially in clogs. Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 . Women's GardenGrips Clogs

 It’s nice to have on shoes that are ready for action.  Often, though I don’t intend to get working in the garden, something catches my eye and before I know it I am digging or raking or whatever.These soles have great traction in the grass, even on steep slopes like my front yard.   Garden Grips

They are great for gardening chores because they have  a composite shank, so you don’t hurt your foot when you shovel.  They also have water and stain resistant leather as well as an inside liner that keeps your feet comfortably dry. Women's GardenGrips clogs


  Of course, if there’s more than an inch or two of  sloppy weather I wouldn’t wear them, I would switch to a boot, but in the case of needing traction when it’s  a bit slushy or muddy, these are so easy to slip on and go. I used them in the garden last fall and again, as long as you aren’t in deep dirt or mud, these really do the job.


 Let’s overlook for a minute how cute these shoes are and talk about them being waterproof. There will be no wet toes when I am wearing these. web-kjkj-076

 I especially like the snug high ankle that will keep dirt and rocks out ofweb-kjkj-069 my shoes when I garden.

 There are a couple of different patterns and there are also pull on boots. They fit comfortably and slip off easily when you need to run indoors and your feet are muddy. 5217xmf-cho

 All and all a great shoe or boot and the colors are a real mood lifter.   Makes me feel like going out there and playing in the dirt, if only it wasn’t frozen and covered in snow. 5216xcm-2t

 Sooner or later nice weather will arrive and if you are looking for me, I will be out in the garden in my new Bog’s.


These Bog are 100% Waterproof and have natural hand-lasted rubber and a four way stretch outer shell.  They have non-slip, non-marking and self-cleaning outsoles and Aegis anti-microbial odor protection insole.  They are comfort rated from temperate to -40°F or sub-zero conditions.  Click on any of the photos to visit Garden Shoes Online and find out more about these shoes and boots.



web-c-021My scenic sunday post is about a shop  we visited called Sea Hag.  It is in an old barn on a very scenic road near a lake. web-j-0401web-sea-hag-5

 Although it’s out there a ways, people come from all around to visit and shop.  web-seahag-012

The owner Colleen, sells beautiful artwork, antiques, furniture and her own brand of soap which is now available on our website~ Garden Shoes  Online. 


 She makes each bar of soap by hand using  an all  natural vegetable base with no animal fats.  It has natural glycerin which is what draws moisture to your skin.  It is great stuff. web-j-006

      We now have the camp bars in a lavender scent, which can be used for shampoo, soap and shaving.   There is also a wonderful goat’s milk soap that is unscented.web-all-3-labels 

We have Scrooge’s Scrub.  Great for gardeners~it cleans your hands after a day in the garden but it isn’t harsh or strong.  Your hands actually feel good after you wash. web-bugspray


Man or Beast bug soap and also a Man or Beast bug spritz that really keeps the bugs away, and smells good too.You can even use it on your pets.j-049

 There’s also Hag balm.  Great stuff for skin. 


One of the other procucts she makes is great!  It’s called Saving Grace.  It is a wonderful soap to use on your pets.  I use it on my dog and it really cleans him well.  His skin has calmed down since I started bathing him in it.  It’s a bit different because it’s a bar instead of liquid, but I really like it.  He smells so good and my hands don’t smell like dog shampoo when I am done. j-051

 If you want to read more about these great products just click on any of the photos in this post and it will take you to them. web-j-034

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