~”Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.”  ~Author Unknown


  1. Wow! Amazing lacy frost lace on your window!

  2. Cold is right! We are still waiting for the storm to hit but the schools are closing left and right. Then again, maybe I should look outside… Nope, no new snow yet.

    I love your frost photos too.

  3. Oh my, those icicles are cold!

  4. Thanks for sharing those marvelous captures as we do not get to see such sights here!! Amazing cold and your lines made me smile!!

  5. Such beautiful frost paintings.

  6. Beautiful but freezing ! Now I need a hot cup of tea !
    ABC Team

  7. those icicles show that it is really cold.

    Visiting from ABC Wednesday. I hope you can visit my entry too.
    C is for Crab Legs

  8. cold and snowy – couple feet of snow this storm in Alb


  9. I’ve got icicles just like that ourside my own windows!

    I want the temperature to be static all year round 65-75 works for me. Over/Under I’m not a happy camper.

    ABC Team

  10. this is amazingly beautiful and breath taking!.. wow…

  11. Wow, some beautiful ice photos!

  12. No, thank you, I’ll take the temperatures in the San Francisco area! I would think, if that broke loose and somone was underneath, it could easily be a lethal weapon!

  13. Funny you should say that Carmen, just today several fell just a couple of feet from where I was standing. I was thinking just the same way you were. Dangerous being out there.

  14. Jack Frost lives! These are beautiful photos. And they bring back memories.