I am re-posting about this fun project since it’s about that time again to put it to use.

We found some vintage windows which inspired this entire project.  With a bit of wood found in the garage and a quick trip to Home Depot, we had the makings of a fun weekend. antique windows

On a gorgeous day in Spring,  my husband  got started on building me a cold frame.. web-kk-014

First he built it,web-kk-023

then he put on wheels so we can move it into the sun or in and out of the garage if we have a bad frost coming.

Next we painted it, web-saturday-014

put the windows on with  hinges, web-saturday-245

and reused the window hardware as handles.web-saturday-236

He added a couple of heavy duty handles on the sides for lifting (you never know) web-k-002

and there you have it…web-saturday-247

a great cold frame to hold all my fledgling seedlings and give them an early start.web-saturday-254


~ All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar. ~ Helen Hayes



  1. WOW! What an absolutely amazing project. I LOVE it! and love that they are on casters so you can move it back and forth. Fantastic!

  2. Yes meems, it allows me to wheel it in and out of the garage if there will be a very cold night. Plus I can move it into the sun or out of the sun when needed.

  3. That looks like a fantastic project. I wish I had the space to do the same.

  4. Beautiful cold frame. We’ve manufactured them in the past with insulation and plastic gallon jugs painted black to work as a heat sink, and automatic opening windows as vents. They were a fun product to offer, but so easy to build at home that we found it better to encourage people to do it themselves like you have.

  5. very creative indeed. Things like that can really come in handy. I hate it when people throw good material away. I see it all the time. Im always recycling and rebuilding stuff around my house.

  6. Always makes me happy to find something that is heading to the land fill and give it new life.

  7. What a beautiful idea and a wonder project for all ages! You are a great inspiration.

  8. Thank you Elizabeth! Glad you stopped by!