My garden this month has been doing  pretty well. 

My rose bush has been blooming well all summer.

 I have had some heat casualties but I try to focus on the good things,

 like my four oclocks that I grew from seed. 

And the nasturtiums that really did well this summer for me,

although in the past I wasn’t so lucky. 

The vegetables haven’t been a bumper crop,

but there is enough for my family to enjoy fresh veggies so far. 


  My hdrangeas bloomed well as long as I kept them watered.

 Lack of rain has dettered a few plants while others seemed to thrive on the heat. 

 I for one will not complain about a hot summer.

  I just wish it wasn’t coming to a close. 

Hope your summer has been flower filled, fruitful and fun.

~”There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
~ Celia Thaxter


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  1. As always, your garden is lovely. Those hydrangeas are especially gorgeous.

  2. What a lovely corner of the yard. Love the red chairs! Your blooms are looking well even if they are overheated! Beautiful butterfly pictures. Jean

  3. This is my first visit to your lovely blog (and garden!) I so enjoyed your butterfly pictures, how long did it take for you to capture these images? It seems we have had very opposite summers, as we have had record-breaking rainfall after years of near drought conditions. I like your idea of focusing on the things that worked, this is an attitude I should adopt more often! Thank you!

  4. Wow love the birds eye view of your garden. Those red chairs caught my eye, I have a thing for red in my garden too. :)

  5. Red is my favorite color Racquel. It does set off the colors in the garden.

  6. Karen, thanks for visiting. He let me take pictures for about ten minutes. I was amazed. The next day I saw one and it wouldn’t sit still long enough for even one picture. Go figure.