~Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?  ~Maurice Maeterlinck
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  3. Beautiful shots! I prefer the first, but they’re all lovely.

  4. They are all gorgeous images. I love the way the light hits the little “hairs” in the first image.

  5. Love all the different views! It really is a little smiling sunshine face. :)
    And yes, the ‘hairs’ in the light – amazing.

  6. Yep, simple but the color is fantastic! Very photogenic!

  7. Such a rich, warm glow to these ‘susans’.


  8. I have one of these plants too and the shiny middle with the dark chocolate colour reminds me of a Hersy’s Kiss .. thus now I call them Hershy flowers ? LOL
    Great picture : )

  9. Very nice! I’m looking forward to the black-eyed Susans around here. So far I have only seen buds.

  10. A new one to me – very stunning! Will have to think about this is my cut flower section of the garden.

  11. Very beautiful color and fantastic detail in these shots. Just amazing

  12. you’re great with that lens!!

  13. I love the last one! Very pretty, and the background is so clean!

  14. That is beautiful!!

  15. I know black-eyed susans because they are my favorite flower. And your photos of it are the best I have ever seen! Unfortunately, ours don’t bloom until late July or August (the stems are growing now, no buds yet). Thank you!