I happened upon this eagle last spring while out in the woods.  It was quite a thrill! Such an awesome creature.

~A friend is like an eagle; you don’t find them flying in flocks”~unknownCamera Critters


  1. great photo for Camera Critters

  2. Great sighting and photo of the eagle.

  3. WOW capture…. that looks like the baby we have nesting about 2 acres from the greenhouse. I see his mama fly along the side of the greenhouse where the river runs.

    YOUR PHOTO IS wonderful… were you totally filled with excitement when you took this shot?

  4. Teresa, eagles are the ultimate most loved birds, we see them more here in Iowa than we used too.. Lucky us! , but when we do see them I am in awe, So big and gracious!

  5. NOW THAT is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

  6. Great photo Teresa! A beautiful bird. We see them once in a while here in Kansas.

  7. Dear Teresa, How I envy you having never seen one. Great photo. P x