Just got a text message from a friend…”My mini greenhouse has sprouts..it’s so exciting.” 

 Funny what a thrill we get from those little greenish yellow  plants poking out their heads to see the world.web-l-0301

 I think it’s innate in all of us to want to sow and reap from the Earth. web-flowers-today-0341

 I mean, seriously, why else would we spend hours upon hours thinking and planning, then more hours doing back breaking work while swatting bugs and sweating?  There must be some great force that draws us to it.  web-sunday-088

Of course there are the flowers and the vegetables but it’s not like we can’t acquire them without all the work. veggies

 We choose to garden. 

In some of us, it’s one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes we can think of.  But unlike reading or knitting, we get our hands dirty and only have partial control over the outcome of our labors. 



Still we do it. w-bunch

Maybe that’s why we do it.

 There aren’t to many steadfast rules to follow.  We get to get dirty for a good reason, it gets us outdoors breathing in fresh air, gives us excercise and we have to work with nature as best as we can to get the outcome we are hoping for. zz1


What’s not to love?



~”But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as the sap rising in the trees, stirs within us. We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.” ~ Lewis Gantt


  1. Such gorgeous spring colours!

  2. Teresa, what a lovely post this is. I wish I’d written it. All so true, and just the way I feel about gardening, too.

  3. Your blog is fabulous. I was just getting around to replying to some old comments and discovered your blog. It’s beautiful and so inspiring for a gal like me who loves to garden but am not as successful as I’d like. I am well intentioned though :) ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    -brightest blessings-

  4. I’m late. I’m late for a very important date. Lovely, just lovely Spring flowers you posted.
    Joyce M

  5. They are all beautiful images. I especially like the pansies!

  6. Beautiful photos. I think we garden because our bodies are made from the elements of the soil. It is part of who we are, and we are all drawn to it, though many may not realize it as they are trapped in concrete and asphalt.

  7. I love seeing the new growth each spring! It’s a little burst of energy. :) Lovely photos too!