This is a Santa Claus tree topper that my son made in kindergarten or maybe preschool.  So it’s somewhere around 25 years old.  I used it for the top of our Christmas tree every year until it was just about falling apart. 

 Last year I decided to frame it and just hang it on the wall to be able to enjoy it and preserve it also.  I used a deep frame, laid it on red velvet and made squiggles out of silver pipecleaners just to add a little pizzazz.  Now I can still enjoy it year after year. 

~”Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance – each beautiful, unique and too soon gone. ” ~Deborah Whipp



  1. Such a brilliant way to preserve a precious memory!

  2. these are the precious reminders of what our lives are all about…our children. wonderful idea to frame this momento.
    happy christmas and merry new year.

  3. wow! 25 years old its really something to treasure .. merry christmas hope you can visit me =)

  4. I’m sure that meant a lot to your son that you used his Santa every year. I think it looks lovely in the frame.

    Happy New Year!

  5. You did the right in preserving that topper. These are the kind of things that are important and hold special meanings.

  6. What a wonderful idea to preserve this family treasure. It is beautiful.

    Happy New Year.

  7. I love your son’s Santa. It would make a good picture for a Christmas card too.

  8. What a sweet memory … and a GREAT idea! I will have to pass that along to my sister and sister in law … it’s a wonderful way to preserve that special paper creation you just can’t part with!

  9. Fantastic idea and such great memories. Happy New Year!