Who says we can’t look great and show our personalities while we are playing in the dirt?

Garden Shoes Online offers sturdy protective boots for those of you that landscape. We also have waterproof boots and shoes for those rainy spring days or muddy gardens. Do you want gardening shoes that slip on and off easily for those that like to “just do a bit of deadheading” that leads to an afternoon of rearranging their entire garden.  There is protective footwear that in addition to being waterproof and comfortable are also made to look good on you and show your personal style.

Tired, calloused hands, sore knees, mud in my shoes, and gnats bugging me are some of the discomforts I used to think were part of gardening until I started working at Garden Shoes Online. Until then I had no idea what a difference great garden shoes, boots, hats, tools and gloves could do for my gardening game.

I have found that quality gardening tools and accessories can make any task more efficient and ergonomic therefore easier on my ever-aging back and joints.  So if you are thinking that you have gotten along fine without great gloves or comfortable garden shoes, think again.  It’s so much better when the right tool or accessory is easily available and makes your work more like the play you intended it to be.

My old pair of sneakers or flip-flops aren’t my garden shoe go-tos any more. I can be standing in dirt, filthy and tired, but with a quality pair of garden shoes on that feel good, I can forge on knowing my shoes not only look good, support my feet and preserve my pedicure, they also keep my feet clean, my traction great and protect my foot arch from shoveling injuries. 

 It  is also much more enjoyable to garden with a good pair of gloves.  What a difference they can make.  No more calloused hands, blisters or dirt under my nails. My hands aren’t dried out from the dirt or the scrubbing it takes to get them clean after gardening now that I always wear a pair of quality gardening gloves. 

I am no longer swatting the bugs and sunburned while I weed because I wear my Insect Shield Wide brim Hat that not only keeps bugs away, it offers spf 50+ protection from the sun.

Buying from an online store may make you take pause~

  • What if they don’t fit? No worries there, we have a Perfect Fit Guarantee~ If the size your ordered doesn’t fit we will send you the correct size for free. We want you to love your new shoes or boots!
  • What if it’s a heavy item?  Shipping could be expensive. ~ Don’t fret, we ship for free any order over $49 dollars and if it’s under $49 dollars for your items we charge a flat fee of $4.95. So buying online gives you choices all in one place for items you probably can’t find at any stores nearby.  


Our goal at Garden Shoes Online is to make your passion for gardening be greater by making you more comfortable, more efficient, safer and of course making you look good too.  Even though you didn’t think you could love gardening more than you already do, click on over to Garden Shoes Online and see the many products we offer that really can make it even better.


  1. Oh, dear me….I have gotta have the blue ones. They are tooooo cute. All of those precious garden shoes made for a great post. It is the kind that puts a BIG smile on my face with I look at it and read the commentary. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Please come back again. Genie

  2. Well, you KNOW I love the boots you guys have! The photos in this post are so beautiful and colorful!